Peaky Blinders - Saturday 10 March - A night to remember!

If you don't have the Black Hand Ticket you ain't coming in!

A truly special occasion, by order of The Peaky fookin Blinders!  

Get your Black Hand Ticket which gives you all the info of how to get in, where to get in and more detail of what's goin' on!  The bit of info we can give you to get you interested is it's going to be a Blinder of a night, with fizz or ale on arrival, two course Peaky dinner, excellent live gypsy jazz music by Cat Skellington and the fabulous vintage songstress Katy Grace. With the essential gambling at the fun casino tables and an illegal poker session (of course) with a few chips for everyone to get going and Cristal Champagne for the winner at the tables, just to show off and rile a few of 'your archies'.  

So, get yer mates together; Ladies get your 1920s glad rags on with those decadent headbands, feathers, beads, baubles, furs, hats and slinky gloves and Gents, get your suits and waistcoats, or go full-on 'working at the factory' and of course the all important Peaky Blinder cap!

This is going to be one night to remember, for all the right reasons! 

Black Hand Tickets: 

Early Bird £30 - limited number available, when they're gone, they're gone 

Regular Price £35

Book early, we are sure this will sell out!  It's going to be such fun! 

Telephone: 01983 562549